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Dr. Johannes Müske

Lecturer and research assistant (parental leave for Sarah May)

Teaching: MA study project "Freiburg in the 70s" (WS 2018, Summer semester 2019)

Tel. +49 (0) 761 70503-14 (ZPKM)





My work focuses on popular culture research, cultural science technology research, archives and cultural heritage, popular music and anthropology of the senses. I studied Folklore / Cultural Anthropology, Business Administration and Law in Hamburg and Seville (B.A., 2004, M.A. 2007) and did a PhD on cultural heritage and media archives at the University of Zurich (2008-12, Popular Cultures). In addition to research and teaching, I am committed to the transfer of cultural-scientific knowledge and have completed at the University of Hamburg, the additional study museum management (2006). I am co-speaker of the dgv-Kommission Arbeitskulturen ( and a member of various cultural scientific societies.

  • since 10.2018: the University of Freiburg, Lecturer at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology (since 03.2019 research assistant, Elternzeitvertretung) and at the Center for Popular Culture and Music (ZPKM)
  • 2017: German Museum, Scholar in Residence (Scholarship)
  • 2016-18: the University of Zurich, teaching staff, teaching assignments, etc. at the Universities of Basel, Liechtenstein, LMU Munich
  • 2015: Mathers Museum of World Cultures, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN; Visiting Scholar (03-04.2015)
  • 2012-15: the University of Zurich, a researcher at the ISEK, Institute for Social Anthropology and Empirical Cultural Studies; scientific coordinator of the interdisciplinary research group "Broadcasting Swissness" (SNSF, Sinergia Program)
  •  2008-2012: Assistant and research project staff, Universities of Hamburg, Basel and Zurich; et al Scholarship holder of the Isa Lohmann-Siems Foundation, Hamburg; Member of the DFG research group "Cultural Property"


Main publications and transfer

(Publication directory here)
(* peer reviewed / refereed)

- Essays -

  • (2019, with Stefan Groth) Work 4.0? Cultural-scientific perspectives on work in transition. Moment. Konstanz booklets on media science 73, 11-20
  • (2019) Fight for paradise. Civil protest and production of political competition in a Mittelstadt (Constance, 1970s / 80s). In: Karin Bürkert, Alexander Engel, Markus Tauschek, Tobias Werron, Ed .: In the footsteps of the competition. Cultural and Social Sciences Perspectives, 247-267. Münster / New York: Waxmann
  • * (2018) Dispositives of Sound: Folk Music Collections, Radio, and the National Imagination, 1890s-1960s. In: Morten Michelsen, Mads Krogh, Steen Kaargaard Nielsen, Iben Have (eds.): Music Radio: Building Communities, Mediating Genres, 163-188. New York etc .: Bloomsbury
  • (2018) The "Archive Phonograph" in the Deutsches Museum. Technology, ethnographic research practice and the materialization of the ephemeral - an object biography. Bavarian Yearbook of Folklore 2018, 35-46
  • (2015, with Thomas Hengartner): Sounds and Sounds as Cultural Property? Media archives, sounding cultural assets and the importance of technology for the cultural appropriation of the world of sound. In: Stefan Groth / Regina F. Bendix / Achim Spiller (ed.): Culture as Property: Instruments, Cross-sections and Case Studies. Göttingen: University Publishing Göttingen, 315-339 (open access)
  • * (2014, with Sabine Eggmann): "Heritage" in the service of social modernization and differentiation. "Folk medicine" and "popular culture" in the archive of the Swiss Society of Folklore. In: Swiss Folklore Archive 110 (2), 133-150 (open access)
  • (2014) Sound Ciphers: Sounds and media archives as carriers of meaning and sources for the study of cultural science in the world of sound. In: Katharina Hoins / Thomas Kühn / Johannes Müske (ed.): Interfaces: The presence of the absent. Berlin: Reimer, 195-219 (download)
  • * (2010) Constructing Sonic Heritage: The Accumulation of Knowledge in the Context of Sound Archives. In: Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics 4 (1), 37-47 (open access)

- Exhibitions and Transfer -

Dür Collection on Radio (SNF project "Broadcasting Swissness"):