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  • Matthias Möller: Life in Cooperation. Cooperative everyday life in the model settlement Freidorf near Basel (1919-1969). Frankfurt / Main (Campus) 2015.
  • Matthias Möller: Right to the City - Four Questions and Four Perspectives. Comments on a congress in Hamburg (with Sonja Nielbock, Andrea Papst and Nicole Vrenegor). In: Social.History Online. 3rd ed. 2011, H. 6, pp. 234-244.
  • Matthias Möller: "A Homeland of Charity, Peace and Freedom". Localization practices and mobilization of volunteer work in a housing cooperative. In: Irene Götz u.a. (Ed.): Mobility and Mobilization. Work in socio-economic, political and cultural change. Frankfurt / Main 2010, pp. 395-415.



  • Enge. Practices in urban densification. Research-oriented study project | Dr. Sarah May | Summer 2017
  • Approaches to a broad field | Jörg Giray M.A. | Winter 2016/17
  • Make food, eat knowledge. On the relationship between space and cuisine | Sarah May M.A. | Winter 2016/17
  • Space and gender | Prof. Dr. Markus Tauschek | Winter 2016/17
  • "Published home" - The journalism of Germans from Eastern Europe after 1945 | Tilman Kasten M.A. | Summer 2016
  • Heimat - Discourses on the newness of an old term | Prof. Dr. Werner Mezger | Summer 2016
  • From the Black Forest to the Black Sea - catchment areas of the Danube river as a way of exploring the culture of large regions | Prof. Dr. Michael Prosser | Summer 2016
  • "The city as a laboratory for sustainable lifestyles? Ethnographies of alternative economic forms "| Maria Grewe M.A. | Winter 2015/1
  • Place of Learning City - Cultural Anthropological Approaches to Freiburg | Prof. Dr. Anna Lipphardt | Winter 2015/16
  • Urban Remembrance Landscapes - Monuments, Museums and Cultural Heritage in Focus of Cultural Anthropological Urban Research | Prof. Dr. Markus Tauschek | Winter 2015/16
  • Game without limits? Europe since 1989 | Prof. Dr. Werner Mezger | Summer 2015

* This listing is an exemplary overview. A complete overview of courses and publications can be found on the personal pages of the staff of the institute.