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Prof Dr. Anna Lipphardt


Professor of Cultural Studies, focus on Culture and Mobility in Europe

- absent for an indefinite period -

Room: 02 007

Phone: 0761-203 97625



"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen


Thematic priorities in research and teaching

  • Migration and transnationalism research
  • Mobility Studies
  • Political Anthropology and Critical Security Research / NSU Complex
  • Anthropology of the arts
  • Space Theory and Urban Anthropology
  • Mobile environments and minorities
  • History and Culture of the Eastern European Jews and their Diaspora in the 20./21. century
  • Holocaust
  • Memory and trauma research,
  • Public anthropology


Regional focus / field research:

  • EU
  • Germany
  • Eastern Europe (especially Lithuania)
  • USA
  • Israel


Current research projects:



  • since April 2017 Professor (W3) with focus on Mobility and Culture in Europe, previously (2011-2017) Junior Professor (W1, tenure track) at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology (KAEE), University of Freiburg
  • 2011-17 Head of the Research Group Cultures of Mobility in Europe (COME), KAEE, University of Freiburg (Excellence Initiative I)
  • 2010 scholarship holder (arts, science and business program), Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
  • 2008-11 Postdoc at the Department of Cultural Studies and the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz; Member of the Cluster of Excellence "Cultural Foundations of Integration"
  • 2006-08 Postdoc, Director of the CMB-Groupe de Recherche "Nazisme" (together with F. Brayard) at the Center Marc Bloch, Berlin
  • 2006 Doctorate in Cultural Studies, DFG Graduate College MAKOM, University of Potsdam. Title of the work: "Vilne, yidishlekh fartrakht ..." Cultural memory, trauma, migration. The Vilne Diaspora in New York, Israel and Vilnius after the Holocaust ", awarded the Prix de la Fondation Auschwitz (2009) and the Klaus Mehnert Prize of the German Society for Eastern European Studies (2007), Short-list Hosenfeld / Szpilman- Price 2009
  • 1999 MA Jewish Studies, University of Chicago
  • Professional activity in the field of International Relations 1993/4 (Foreign Affairs Committee, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius Jewish Museum); 1999-2001 (Embassy of the State of Israel, Berlin)
  • Studied International Relations / Political Science, Baltic Studies and Jewish Studies at Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas, University of Vilnius, University of Potsdam and University of Chicago (1992-1997)


Memberships (selection)

Supervised dissertations


Publications (selection)


  • A. Lipphardt, VILNE - a transnational memory story. The Jews from Vilnius after the Holocaust (series Studies on Historical Migration Research), Schöningh: Paderborn 2010.



  • A. Lipphardt (ed., Together with Veronika Lipphardt), SCIENCE BLOG of the Advanced DNA Analysis in Forensics: Possibilities, Challenges, Risks. (since December 2016).
  • A. Lipphardt (ed., Together with Judith Laister), Urban Place-making Between Art, Qualitative Research and Politics (special issue) Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 2/2015.
  • A. Lipphardt (edited together with Julia Brauch and Alexandra Nocke), Jewish Topographies - Visions of Space, Traditions of Place, Aldershot 2008. (2nd Edition Routledge, London 2016) ).
  • A. Lipphardt, (ed. Together with Manfred Sapper and Volker Weichsel), impulses for Europe. Tradition and Modernity of the Jews of Eastern Europe (Special Issue), EASTERN EUROPE, No. 8-10 2008 (58); Engl. Issue Impulses for Europe. Tradition and Modernity in East European Jewry, Berlin 2008).



  • A. Lipphardt (together with Inga Schwarz), Follow the People! Examining Migration Regimes through Emerging Trajectories of Unauthorized Migrants. In: Andreas Pott et al. (ed.) Migration regime. Approaches to a Key Concept, Springer VS: Wiesbaden, 2018: 187-205
  • A. Lipphardt (together with Nicholas Buchanan et al.), Forensic DNA Phenotyping Legislation Can not be Based on "Ideal FDP" Response to Caliebe, Krawczak & Kayser (2017). In: Forensic Science International: Genetics 34 (2018): 13-14
  • A. Lipphardt, The Phantom of Heilbronn. In: acquittal 11 (2017): 8-12.
  • A. Lipphardt, Mobile Life and Work Arrangements Under Suspicion. In: Merle, Kristin; Eisel, Bernhard; Weyel, Birgit (ed.): Showman pastoral. Interdisciplinary approaches to life and religion of people, on the journey '. Gera 2017: 155-174.
  • A. Lipphardt (together with Dobeneck, Florian von, Joos, Anja, Bader, Mona, Balk, Miriam), why, why - study choice, study experience and professional orientation: graduate survey of the final years 2005-2015. In: Giray, Joerg; Tauschek, Mark; Zinn-Thomas, Sabine (ed.): Maximilianstr. 15. 50 years Institute of Folklore in Freiburg - a souvenir album (Freiburg Studies on Cultural Anthropology, 1). Münster, New York 2017: 161-176.
  • A. Lipphardt, (together with Staubach, Fabian, and others): Correspondence. Germany. Note limitations of DNA legislation. In: Nature 545 (2017).
  • A. Lipphardt, The nomad as a theoretical figure, empirical invocation and lifestyle emblem. In Search of Clues in the Global North, in: From Politics and Contemporary History, Vol.65 (Theme Book Nomads), 26-27 (June 2015), 32-38.
  • A. Lipphardt, No access to the backstage area? Methodological considerations on biographical interviews with highly mobile artists. In: Joachim Scheiner et al. (Ed.), Mobility Biographies and Mobility Socialization, VS: Wiesbaden 2015, 144-161.
  • A. Lipphardt, Where is the east? For the (self-) localization of Eastern European Jews. In: Philip Mettauer, Barbara Staudinger (ed.), "Ostjuden" - History and Myth (Series of Publications of the Institute for Jewish History in Austria), Vienna 2015, 10-26.
  • A. Lipphardt, Communities on the Move. Re-considering the History of East European Jews after the Holocaust, in: East European Jewish Affairs, 44 (2014) 2/3, 225-240.
  • A. Lipphardt (together with Eva Edinger), Empirical group projects, in: Walter Leimgruber u.a. (Hg.), Methods of Cultural Anthropology, UTV: Stuttgart 2014, 488-506.
  • A. Lipphardt, In the Footsteps of the New Nomad. On the career of a figure in cultural theory, tourism research and backpacker scene. In: Voyage, Yearbook for Travel and Tourism Research 2014 (issue of mobilities!), 202-217.
  • A. Lipphardt, Artists in the Move. Theoretical Perspectives, Empirical Implications. In: Anette Hollywood, Andreas Schmid (ed.), Artists in Transit. How to Become an Artist in Residence, International Society of Fine Arts (IGBK): Berlin 2012, 109-122.
  • A. Lipphardt, try again. Fail again. Fail better. On dealing with crises in cultural anthropological dissertation projects. In: Karin Bürkert et al. (Ed.), Young Researchers - Young Researchers. A reading book for promotion as a process: Göttingen 2012, 125-139.
  • A. Lipphardt, Yiddish after the Holocaust. A case study. In: Europea Ethnica (special issue on the Jewish Diaspora) 3/4 2011, 80-87.
  • A. Lipphardt, Diaspora. Science-historical approaches to the research concept. In: Miriam Rürup (ed.), Foreigner in own country: Diasporic Cultures - Diasporic Mentalities ?, Göttingen 2009, 43-61.
  • A. Lipphardt, Travel of the Global: Germany and the Circus. In: Ulfried Reichhard u.a (ed.), The Surveying of Globalization. Cultural Studies Perspectives (American Studies - A Monograph Series 162, Heidelberg 2008.
  • A. Lipphardt, (together with Julia Brauch and Alexandra Nocke), "Exploring Jewish Space: A Conceptual Approach (Introduction)," in Jewish Topographies - Visions of Space, Traditions of Place, ed. By Brauch / Lipphardt / Nocke, Heritage, Culture, and Identity (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008), 1-23.


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More about Anna Lipphardt publications can be found here

More about publications and scientific statements of the STS @ Freiburg initiative at

Organization of scientific events (selection)

  • Research Colloquium of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology on the repopularization of 'people', 'home' and 'identity'. Cultural anthropological approaches to right-wing populism and right-wing extremism, summer semester 2018 (together with Matthias Möller, KAEE / Freiburg)
  • Transdisciplinary Symposium Advanced DNA Analysis in Forensics: Possibilities, Challenges, Risks, FRIAS, Freiburg, Germany 9.-9.6.2017 (together with Veronika Lipphardt)
  • International Summer School Mobile Work Life Arrangements. EXPLORING CONCEPTUAL AND METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES, Freiburg, 9.-18.10.2015 (COME in collaboration with the EASA network ANTHROMOB)


Selection of current lectures

  • "Potentials of misinterpretation. The Role of Advanced DNA Analysis in the case of the 'Heilbronner Phantoms' ", Fachtag Racial Profiling & Extended DNA Analysis in Criminal Investigations, Central Council of German Sinti and Roma / Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Berlin, 27.3.2018
  • "The invention of the 'Heilbronn phantom'. Attempt of a Cultural Anthropological Approach to the NSU Complex ", lecture series Global Systems and Intercultural Competence, Department of European Ethnology / Folklore, University of Würzburg, 06.12.2017
  • Tracing migrants trajectories. Towards an epistemological integration of the journey "(together with Inga Schwarz), Annual Conference Cross Area e.V. for Transregional Study, Comparative Area Studies and Global Studies, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, Freiburg, 09.11.17
  • "On the Invention of the 'Heilbronn Phantom' at the Interface of Police and Media Work", Keynote, Annual Meeting of the Society for Antiziganism Research, Documentation and Cultural Center Deutscher Sinti & Roma, Berlin, 13.10.17
  • "Lessons from the case of the 'Heilbronn Phantom', Symposium Advanced DNA Analysis in Forensics: Possibilities, Challenges, Risks, FRIAS Freiburg, 09.06.17
  • "Crisis, Criticism, Cultural Studies? >>> options for action ", dgv student conference" Doing ... what? ", University of Freiburg, 27.05.17
  • "What we can do. Speech for the closing rally at MARCH FOR SCIENCE in Freiburg ", Freiburg, 22.04.17
  • "Medial staging of the nomad in art, tourism and cultural industries", lecture series Mobility and Mediality, Institute of German Studies, University of Vienna, 17.01.17



Participation in (interdisciplinary) degree programs

(Lecturer in the migration study module, development of the study module Migration together with Cornelia Helfferich and Katrin Töns, member of the study commission)

  • Interdisciplinary, practice-oriented Refugee Health Workshop for students of the Medical Faculty, as well as BA / MA Cultural Anthropology / Europ. Ethnology and MA Global Urban Health (head Dr. Berit Lange, University Hospital Freiburg), since 2017

(Lecturer Workshop Modules Vulnerable Migrants, Approaches from Cultural Anthropology & Interdisciplinary Aspects as well as Ethical aspects of research on refugees (together with Dr. Berit Lange)


Overview of courses at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology Freiburg

Summer term 2018

  • MA Cultural anthropological approaches to political tensions
  • BA cultural theory read in times of crisis. Classic texts and current positions
  • BA Cultural Anthropology meets Mobility Studies - topics, concepts, method
  • BA people on the move. Introduction to Cultural Studies Migration Research

Winter Semester 2017/18

Summer semester 2017

  • BA people on the move. Introduction to Cultural Studies Migration Research
  • BA cultural theory read in times of crisis. Classic and current positions
  • MA case studies of European cultural anthropological research. A practical research introduction
  • BA Transnational Yenic Worlds. Research-oriented project seminar (together with the international Yenish association Shaft Qwant)

Winter semester 2016/17

  • MA Transnational Lifeworlds. Cultural Anthropological Approaches to Mobility and Migration
  • BA work ?! Cultural anthropological research approaches
  • BA Familiar strangers? Research-oriented seminar on the interaction between residents and travelers (together with the international Yenish association Shaft Qwant)

Summer semester 2016

  • Harvard Summer School Freiburg, Crossing Borders. European Experiences of Migration and Mobility
  • MA case studies of European cultural anthropological research

Winter Semester 2015/16

  • BA place of learning city. Cultural Anthropological Approaches to Freiburg (together with the Service Center E-Learning), 2x
  • BA anthropology of work. An introduction

Winter Semester 2014/15

  • BA Who owns the city? Perspectives of cultural anthropological spatial research
  • MA Privileged Transmigrants. Cultural anthropological approaches to mobile working and living environments

Winter Semester 2013/14

  • MA Practicing Art. Introduction to the Anthropology of the Arts (in co-op with Academy Castle Solitude, arts, science and business program)
  • MA Europe. Scenarios beyond the crisis
  • BA majorities / minority negotiation processes and their consequences
  • ERASMUS (European Humanities University, Vilnius) Towards a Trans-Local History of Multi-Ethnic Communities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Excursion to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Summer semester 2013

  • BA The Other Home / Home of Others
  • BA people on the move. Introduction to Cultural Studies Migration Research

Winter Semester 2012/13

  • MA case studies of cultural and social science European research
  • MA transnationally connected. Europeanization and globalization from a cultural science perspective
  • Excursion to the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Summer semester 2012

  • BA people on the move. Introduction to Cultural Studies Migration Research
  • BA The Other Home / Home of Others

Winter semester 2011/12

  • BA Introduction to scientific work
  • MA transnationally connected. Europeanization and globalization from a cultural science perspective
  • BA Day of the housework (together with Florian von Dobeneck)

Summer semester 2011

  • Beyond the shtetl. Cultural history of Eastern European Jews in the 20th and 21st centuries